Get more margin and less risk

Keeping energy costs within a predictable range protects you from unexpected changes in the price of energy. Changes that could otherwise seriously impact your budget and profit margin.


As an investment company, A/S Global Risk Management Ltd. Fondsmæglerselskab is subject to an obligation under the Danish Act on Financial Businesses to make available to the public certain information, cf. §80c of the Act.

Policy for promoting diversity (§70, stk. 1, nr. 4, and stk. 4):

The Board of Directors has established a Policy for Promoting Diversity in accordance with applicable regulation. Further, the Board of Directors on an ongoing basis ensures that its members have sufficient knowledge, competences and experience to understand the activities of the company as well as the risks connected hereto.

Adequate staffing and financial resources (§71, stk. 1, nr. 9):

The company on an ongoing basis maintains adequate staffing and financial resources as required to ensure sufficient access to educational courses for members of the Board of Directors and management.

Pay and Remuneration Policy (§77a and bekendtgørelse 1582 af 13/12/2016 §20):

Pursuant to §77a of the Act, the company has adopted a Pay and Remuneration Policy governing the remuneration of members of the Board of Directors, members of the management team, key decision makers (‘andre ansatte, hvis aktiviteter har væsentlig indflydelse på virksomhedens risikoprofil’) and other employees. Pursuant to §20 of the bekendtgørelse, the company wishes to announce the following:

  • A Pay and Remuneration Policy has been adopted, cf. §5
  • The Board of Directors will review the policy in accordance with §6
  • Pursuant to the Pay and Remuneration Policy, a yearly control is established in accordance with §7, stk. 1.

  • Review and control guidelines are established in accordance with §7, stk. 2, under the Pay and Remuneration Policy.

  • The company has ensured sufficient competences and independence as required pursuant to §8

  • The Pay and Remuneration Policy is established in accordance with the requirements laid down in §9 and is further supported by the Policy on Conflicts of Interest, also adopted by the company.

  • Any variable salary payment will be based on criteria as laid down in §11

  • In accordance with §12, pursuant to the Pay and Remuneration Policy, no variable salary which is dependent on results of a department may be paid to employees carrying out control functions in respect of such department
  • The Managing Director has been given a mandate by the board of directors to negotiate and decide any terms on salary with subordinated employees and any such negotiation and decision will be carried out in accordance with any restrictions under §§ 14, 15 and 16 of the bekendtgørelse.

Policy on conflicts of interest (§80c, stk. 2):

The Managing Director is operating under a set of guidelines issued by the board of directors. On a regularly basis, the Managing Director reports to the Board of Directors on his/her compliance with the guidelines.

The company has further adopted a Policy on Conflicts of Interest with the purpose of avoiding any decisions being made which are based on conflicting interests between company and customers, between clients and between individual employees and clients and/or the company.

The Managing Director has issued processes ensuring the day-to-day work by employees being carried out within the guidelines laid down by the Board of Directors and the compliance with such processes as well as the policies is monitored by the Managing Director, managers on other levels, double-check procedures and by the compliance officer.

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