A solid team

We are highly skilled, ambitious, and hard-working. But we are also part of a global team where we care for each other. Our culture is one of trust and respect.

GRM Stories

We work and act as one team. We create strong solutions that combine our individual strengths. At the same time, we care for each other. Here is a culture of trust and respect. We are ambitious and driven, but I feel that GRM also understands and respects the importance of work-life balance.

Senior Analyst

Erica Laurman

GRM Stories

Working at GRM means that I am developing my career in an ambitious and professional team. The culture here values my professional development, and I have expanded my skills and competencies significantly.

Team Leader

Jan Horfman

GRM Stories

I feel very comfortable working for a company that is guided by strong values. We hold ourselves to high standards. I communicate clearly and honestly with clients, and I always do what I say and say what I do.

training manager

Nick Peterson

contact global risk management

Strandvejen 7
DK-5500 Middelfart, Denmark

Tuborg Havnevej 15
DK-2900 Hellerup, Denmark

8 Shenton Way, #40-03, AXA Tower, Singapore 068811

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