Our services

For us, it is not sufficient to offer hedging tools to our clients - we add extensive service, profound market knowledge and constant focus on how to optimise your business.

Our suite of knowledge sharing services will help you keep up with the latest market information with a minimal time investment. Key words in our cooperation are quality, knowledge and a continued dialogue about the market and how to optimise your risk policies.

Working with Global Risk Management gives you the advantages of our fully integrated IT services as well as our research reports.

Our range of client services include:

  • A quick, on-demand overview of your open positions that can easily be integrated with your monthly financial and fuel procurement reports
  • Oil market intelligence - daily market briefings delivered to your inbox every business day, plus quarterly and annual oil market reports
  • Target alerts, get a call when your fuel price targets are reached
  • Customised daily price updates on the types of fuel and locations you prefer


Fuel alerts

Get a phone call when your fuel price targets are reached.

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