Your link to the markets

Focus on your core business while our oil market specialists monitor the market for you.

We are wired-up and fine-tuned to the world's major oil markets. Our state-of-the-art access to market information helps you optimise your hedging strategy and protect your cash flow.

What you get

  • Advice on when to secure oil prices
  • Customised analysis on specific products, and
  • Opinions, forecasts and commentaries on where oil prices are currently trading

Our market reporting capabilities provide general and specialised oil market analyses, inventory situation reports, and price forecasting for a wide range of products.

You save time

Keep up with the latest market information with a minimal time investment.

  • Shorten the time between market changes and your awareness of them
  • Focus on decision making rather than information gathering
  • Develop strategies that enable you to quickly react to market changes

Expertise you can trust

Make sense of complex fuel risk management issues with fuel risk experts.

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