Solutions to effectively manage your fuel exposure

Our hedging solutions are customised. So no matter what fuel product you wish to hedge we can offer an attractive solution that fits your needs.

If your company is exposed to oil price fluctuations, fuel hedging is a solution that can help eliminate the risk of your fuel budget getting out of control. Fluctuating fuel prices do not have to result in fluctuating profits.

Why use hedging solutions?

  • Fuel prices fluctuate
  • The oil market is extremely volatile
  • Fuel expenses represent a large fraction of the operational costs
  • Insurance against price swings
  • Pro-active strategy for budget protection

We can help you make a hedging strategy, or incorporate the hedging solutions into your existing hedging strategy and tailor an individual solution that meets your company's specific requirements.

Step 1: Identifying goals

Our simple, yet flexible 3-step process kick starts your fuel risk strategy and keeps it fine-tuned to the market.

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