Biofuels hedging

What is biofuels hedging?

 Non-fossil fuels play an increasing part of the fuel consumption in many areas, but the price is heavily influenced by factors outside the oil market.

 Whether it is Biodiesel (FAME) or Ethanol, Global Risk Management assist producers and consumers understand and manage their price risks to this highly unpredictable commodity.

Biofuels comes in different shapes and forms and as a bus or trucking company, your requirement to hedge the right mix of ULSD and Biodiesel might present you with a challenge.

Effective hedging is only offered by a hand-full of specialised market players – Global Risk Management is one of them and we will tailor-make the hedge to suit your actual consumption, big or small.

Step 1: Identifying goals

Our simple, yet flexible 3-step process kick starts your fuel risk strategy and keeps it fine-tuned to the market.

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Learn more about biofuels

Biofuels provide around 3% of total road transport fuel globally (on an energy basis) and considerably higher shares are achieved in certain countries. Read the thorough analysis on biofuels by The International Energy Agency (IEA)

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