Choose the right risk management partner

Hans Erik Christensen, Managing Director at Global Risk Management, answers the most important questions you should ask potential risk partners before hedging your fuel risk.

Is fuel price risk management your core competency?

Global does fuel price risk management, and nothing else.

Do you have experience and knowledge in both oil and finance?

The Global team has been carefully selected to ensure deep and broad knowledge in both oil and finance. Learn more about our Risk management team.

Is your advice influenced by a financial institution or energy major?

Global is fully independent of the big banks and the big energy majors. In fact, we offer a fast, customer-focussed alternative to both. Learn more about our business principles.

 Are you in a financially strong position?

Global is a part of USTC, a worldwide shipping group with an annual turnover exceeding $ 10.6 billion in 2013. Learn more about our company structure.

Will you be available when I need you? 

Global are on hand to advise clients 24/7. It's part of our total customer focus.

 Will your hedging recommendations be based solely on our needs?

We are successful only when our client has successfully hedged against fuel price risk. Learn more about Global's knowledge you can trust.

Can you provide one point of customer contact for my needs?

Each one of our clients deals with one contact person at Global – an oil risk specialist on top of events in New York, London and Singapore and with an in-depth knowledge of the client's needs.

Do you understand the needs of my daily business?

Our clients are drawn from a wide range of industries, but before advising clients on fuel price risk strategy, we use our in-depth understanding of the client's specific fuel needs. Learn more about our simple 3-step process.

Are you experienced enough to provide credible and reliable advice?

Our risk management team enjoys over 100 years' combined experience in finance, oil and transportation.

Stay on top of the market development

Don't miss our thorough analysis of the oil market situation and a detailed oil price forecast for the main fuel products.

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How it works

How to get started on fuel hedging? You and Global work out a hedging strategy and evaluate which hedging tools could be of advantage to you - we customise the tools to fit your specific need.

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