Hedging your fuel risk exposure

Fuel price hedging or fuel risk management - is what we do - it is part of our DNA

Hedging fuel prices reduces or eliminates a company's exposure to fluctuating fuel costs. It is a contractual tool allowing a company to fix or cap a fuel price at a certain level and period of time.

What is Fuel hedging and why use it?

If your company is exposed to oil price fluctuation, fuel hedging is a tool that can help eliminate the risk of your fuel budget getting out of control. Here is a few examples of why to hedge:

  • Fuel oil prices fluctuate - the oil market is extremely volatile
  • Fuel oil expenses represent a large fraction of the operational costs
  • Insurance against price fluctuations
  • Pro-active strategy for budget protection

How to get started on fuel hedging?

You and one of our Oil Risk Managers work out a hedging strategy and evaluate which hedging tools could be of advantage to you - we customise the tools to fit your specific need.

The benefits of fuel hedging

Keeping fuel costs within a predictable range protects you from unexpected changes in the price of fuel - changes that could otherwise seriously impact your budget and profit margin.

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