Get more margin and less risk

Keeping fuel costs within a predictable range protects you from unexpected changes in the price of fuel. Changes that could otherwise seriously impact your budget and profit margin.

Financial scrubber hedging 


Gain the benefits of scrubbers without actually installing a scrubber

If you don’t have a scrubber installed by 1 January 2020, a solution could be to enter a financial hedge which locks in the spread between 0.1% marine gasoil and 3.5% fuel oil. 


Should the spread between gasoil and 3,5% fuel oil widen even further:

  • you are hedged at the fixed difference between the two.
  • you will not save the actual spread as you would by installing the scrubber, but the benefit is that you will not have to incur the massive investment cost either.
  • you gain the benefits from a real scrubber compared to your peer group who neither have a scrubber, nor have a hedge in place.




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