Get more margin and less risk

Keeping energy costs within a predictable range protects you from unexpected changes in the price of energy. Changes that could otherwise seriously impact your budget and profit margin.

An energy trading house

Global Risk Management is an international energy trading house. We trade the “entire barrel” of financial oil and oil-related products and help our clients escape the uncertainties related to the volatile energy market.

How do we help our clients?

Our clients are companies exposed to fluctuations in energy prices. By adapting the right risk management approach, we help reduce or eliminate the risk of our clients’ energy price budgets getting out of control.

We recommend that clients elaborate and implement a hedging strategy to balance-off the energy price risk. The strategy should among others suit the income structure and
the corporate risk profile. Together with our clients we identify the need for energy price risk management and  customise energy hedging solutions that fit the individual wishes of our clients.

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