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Did you know? A Christmas edition

Did you know, that oil and gas production have their very own species of Christmas tree?


When you think about a Christmas tree, you probably get a picture in your head of a lovely tree with ornaments. But there is a species of Christmas tree out there, that has neither been cut in the woods, nor been made of plastic. It is rarely associated with the holidays and it solves a purpose much different than the traditional Christmas tree.

Where the traditional Christmas tree mostly has decorative purposes, this special species provides flow control on oil and gas wells. It consists of an assembly of valves, spools and fittings that allow for adjustments to control the flow as well as injections to stimulate production.

So why is it called a Christmas tree? If you have enough imagination, you might already have cracked this mystery. The Christmas tree has gotten its name, simply because it vaguely resembles a regular, ornamented Christmas tree.

And this is not all that is to it. This special kind of Christmas tree even has its own subspecies. There are both surface trees, for surface wells, and subsea trees for offshore drilling. Even though the subsea tree resembles the more well-known Christmas tree even less than surface tree, they keep the name out of tradition.

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