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Global Risk Management appoints new Managing Director

Global Risk Management is a key component to the overall success of its parent company, Bunker Holding, offering customized hedging solutions for customers to manage price risk on energy expenses. For more than 10 years Hans Erik Christensen has held the role of Managing Director growing the company to the force it is today in the risk management industry.

But all good things come to an end. Bunker Holding and Hans Erik Christensen have now mutually decided that the time has come to make a change.

Keld R. Demant, CEO of Bunker Holding, commented: “I want to highlight the vital contribution that Hans Erik has contributed with throughout the years. Hans Erik has through great effort and true dedication taken Global Risk Management forward and turned the company into the strong, stable and diversified company it is today. We owe Hans Erik a great thank you and wish him all the best for the future.” 

New leader picked from own ranks

Building on the strong position that Global Risk Management has obtained, the ambitions for the company is to grow even further and continue to form partnership to guide global operators to navigate the volatile energy prices.

The new Managing Director, Peder D. Møller, has been hand-picked from Bunker Holding’s management team, where he has spearheaded the company’s very successful Strategy & New Business activities.

Demant: “With Peder D. Møller we know that we are getting a leader with a strong track record who understands the full value chain of the shipping and oil industry. It was important for us to appoint someone who also lives the values of the Bunker Holding family and has the business acumen to take Global Risk Management to the next level”.

Peder D. Møller holds a master’s degree in Finance and Accounting from Copenhagen Business School. Before joining Bunker Holding, Møller held several roles within business development and strategy at Carlsberg. He will take on the new role effective from 15 May 2020. 

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