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Global Risk Management enters new energy markets

Global Risk Management is continuously looking for new ways to expand and develop within energy trading and the latest strategic initiative is Power Trading. The company is already acting as an energy trading house and now expands the product portfolio with power trading.

Power trading has many synergies to the existing products and services which Global Risk Management delivers to clients around the world. But where the existing products within oil and related commodities are often traded on a medium to long-term basis, the company’s power trading team is mainly trading intraday, at least for starters. At a later stage, the forward market in power and capacities on cables could be added to the product range. Power trading is the activity of buying and selling power at power exchanges around the world. The power exchanges offer a trading platform where members buy and sell power. The purpose is to  ensure a transparent and reliable power price formation mechanism.


Managing Director and CEO, Hans Erik Christensen, comments on the new business area: “The new power trading team is highly experienced within their field and they are keen to contribute to the expansion of our company, utilising their core competences. The extensive developments we have made, especially over the last few years, within IT and software development now give us a competitive advantage and support the new strategic initiatives which are unfolding currently”.


Global Risk Management’s power trading team is situated in Aarhus, Denmark, which is a European hub for power trading in general and market competences in particular. Heading the team is Anton Spanner Madsen. On his new position in the company, Anton states: “ Starting up the power trading unit is exactly the challenge both the team members and myself were looking for after having gained enough experience to do so confidently by our education and previous jobs. I am convinced that the fit between the current and new products in Global Risk Management is perfect and look forward to the journey together”.