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Global Risk Management is adding more energy-related products and services to the portfolio

In many ways it has been a continuous journey for Global Risk Management since the first bunker fuel hedging solutions were made with shipping companies many years ago. After a short period, the company started trading many other oil-related products and commodities as well, expanding the client base to also include aviation, suppliers and industrials worldwide.

Recently, the growth strategy has led to further extension of the product and services portfolio, making Global Risk Management a fully-fledged energy trading house. New products are e.g. natural gas, liquified gas, power trading and more to come.

“It is all about risk management and planning ahead, something we always recommend that our clients do when trading with us”, says Managing Director, Hans Erik Christensen.

He adds: “Trends in the energy market point to growth in greener energy sources and we see an increasing number of requests for hedging of these products both from existing as well as potential clients around the world. We have added more colleagues with extensive experience in the cross-commodities products and also optimised our systems and processes to embrace the extended product portfolio and we look forward to continuing the growth journey together with our clients”.


The company’s risk advisors in this connection change title to Energy Risk Managers to further emphasise the expanded product and service offerings.

Global Risk Management currently has offices in Denmark, Singapore and Paris. The European arm of the company is licensed with the Danish FSA, complying with European MiFID regulations for companies trading with financial hedging products.