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New Legal Advisor in Global Risk Management

Birgitte Schøtt Knudsen, 45, works as Legal Advisor in Global Risk Management and comes from a position as Derivatives Consultant. Prior to this, Birgitte worked in a large Scandinavian bank as Senior Chief Legal Advisor as well as attorney-at-law with an international law firm. 

Birgitte has a Master’s Degree, Law from the University of Copenhagen and has several years of experience in handling legal matters within the derivatives markets.

Together with the compliance team in Global Risk Management, Birgitte will be responsible for the company’s adherence to the rules and regulations related to trading financial instruments.

 “Birgitte brings extensive knowledge and expertise on compliance and legal matters within trading commodities to our company”, Managing Director, Hans Erik Christensen comments. Christensen continues: “With our new status as Investment Firm from 3 January 2018, we face both new challenges and opportunities and in this connection, Birgitte will add great value to our company”.