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New software development team goes hand in hand with new hires in Global Risk Management

We are pleased to inform you about the creation of our new software development team and the employment of Jesper Møjbæk and Jesper Mortensen as Senior Software Developers at our offices in Middelfart and Aarhus, Denmark. 

Our newly started software development team will be responsible for developing and maintaining an in-house product suite aiming at helping and supporting our colleagues to create value through optimizing processes and systems.


Jesper Møjbæk (left), 36, holds a master’s degree in Bioinformatics from Aarhus University, Denmark. Before joining Global Risk Management, Jesper worked at a large Danish bank as Senior Software Engineer. His former position and his university degree have provided Jesper with deep insights into software development.

On his employment at Global Risk Management, Jesper Møjbæk states: “What intrigues me about my position at Global Risk Management, are the quick feedback loops that exist when you work closely with a business. Furthermore, the technical challenges we work with within the system landscape give rise to exciting technical solutions.”


Jesper Mortensen (right), 35, is trained in computer science from Business Academy Lillebaelt, Denmark. He has joined Global Risk Management after working as a software development consultant specifying requirements, implementing and maintaining software for customers. Thus, just as Jesper Møjbæk, Jesper Mortensen brings with him deep insights into software development and all the aspects this entails.

Jesper Mortensen states on his employment at Global Risk Management: “I am excited to be on the other side of the ‘fence’ – not as a consultant, but as part of the company. Global Risk Management has interesting systems with both complex business rules and infrastructure. I look forward to be a part of evolving the systems both in terms of features and quality.”


Both Jesper Møjbæk’s and Jesper Mortensen’s main tasks include software architecture, implementation of new features and ongoing maintenance to the internal systems of Global Risk Management.

Managing Director, Hans Erik Christensen, comments on the employment of Jesper Møjbæk and Jesper Mortensen: “We are very excited about the start of our new software development team. Jesper and Jesper bring profound knowledge about their area of expertise and we are certain, that their employment will bring value and development to our company.