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Promotion in Global Risk Management – Morten Grønbech Terp

We are pleased to inform you that Morten Terp has been promoted to Sales Development Manager in our Denmark office. The role is a newly established function in the sales team and will give Morten new responsibilities in addition to his current role as Senior Energy Risk Manager.

Morten has worked in Global Risk Management for more than 12 years and has extensive knowledge within the energy market and the products and services, we offer to our clients around the world. Going forward, our young talents will enjoy the benefit of Morten’s experience as his new role in the company also entails mentoring and advisory of our junior sales team members. Further, Morten will be an important part of optimising and developing our existing as well as new products and services.

Head of Sales, Denmark, Dennis Lysemose Andersen, comments on the promotion: “With the new role, Morten is taking on, we emphasise our focus of developing and implementing new products and services within energy-related commodities which is an integral part of our growth strategy. At the same time, Morten’s experience within his field will be shared with the younger team members as part of an internal mentoring programme”.