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Season's Greetings

This year has been truly extraordinary, full of challenges and for many hardships and sacrifices.  Like most people, we have had to adopt to different ways of working and trading, as our business has been affected by the turmoil in the oil markets caused by the Covid-19 pandemic.

Whilst we continue to focus on our business and our clients, we have also taken great care with and invested in the well-being of our people, our core asset. To maintain our collegiate team spirit, we have initiated virtual Friday quizzes, beer tastings and even workouts to keep in touch and try and inject some warmth and humor in to this strange new, and often isolated, working world that 2020 introduced us to.

Like everyone else, we look forward to returning to a more normal and balanced work life.  Meanwhile, we remain thankful for what we have and will continue make the best out of it, regardless of what 2021 will bring.

We look forward to a happy new year and wish you all well as we remain Together Apart.