Because energy prices fluctuate

Events around the world – financial, geopolitical or fundamental factors affect energy prices.

If you cannot pass energy price fluctuations on to others, then you have an exposure you need to eliminate. Cap this exposure with energy price risk management.

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Global Risk Management has a flat, flexible structure
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Meet your very own Energy Risk Manager
– turning volatility into opportunity.

An energy risk manager can help you manage your energy risks more efficiently and help you to reach your business and financial goals.

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How it works

Gathering data and identifying goals

Keeping energy costs within a predictable range protects you from unexpected changes in the price of energy.


Preparing and implementing your energy price risk plan

Your Energy Risk Manager will suggest a range of tools to reduce your energy price exposure, and work with you to formulate an overall energy risk strategy.


Reviewing your plan with your Energy Risk Manager

An important part of the process is to regularly review the performance of your energy price risk plan with your advisor.

Total customer focus

Turning volatility into security. Efficient risk management strategies protect your budget and profit margin, turning volatility into security.

Global Risk Management will help you identify and balance all the unique variables involved, culminating in a unique risk management strategy tailored specifically to your financial objectives.

Matthew Darvin

Energy Risk Manager