Get more margin and less risk

Keeping energy costs within a predictable range protects you from unexpected changes in the price of energy. Changes that could otherwise seriously impact your budget and profit margin.

From major worldwide airlines to small domestic carriers.

Fuel accounts for more than 35% of an airline’s operating costs, and is the number one expense for airlines ahead of labour costs.

Cost management strategy

Airlines need to rein in energy costs to stay afloat. Indeed, achieving the lowest energy unit cost has become the strategy par excelence for airlines to maintain a competitive edge.

A unique approach - Aviation energy hedging

We are not just another provider of derivative products. As your preferred hedge counterparty, we offer you:

  • Capacity building - we help you systematise your risk management processes
  • Empowerment - we help make hedging a natural part of your business
  • Innovation - we test and refine hedging tools to find the best solution for you
  • Dynamic hedging - we continuously evaluate your hedging performance
  • Total customer focus - worldwide coverage and round the clock assistance.

We recognise that airline companies are looking for trusted and dependable partners in airline energy hedging. Give us your risks, we will manage them for you.

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