We follow the markets closely

In our reports we give you our take on recent events in the oil market and our opinion on the direction the market is likely to take. We also provide a detailed oil price forecast for the main fuel products.

Our Research Team

are dedicated analysts

Taking control of your fuel price risk

Our simple, yet flexible 3-step process kick-starts your fuel risk strategy and keeps it fine-tuned to the market.

Together, we’ll create a mutually agreed plan that outlines – from A to Z – the steps we’ll go through. Should a change in your circumstances arise, we can refine the plan at any point in the entire process..

The 3 steps

  • Gathering data and identifying goals
  • Preparing and implementing your fuel price risk plan
  • Reviewing your plan with your oil risk manager

Going forward, we will continue to keep you updated on the latest developments in the oil market throughout the duration of your contract.

Michael Poulsen

Senior Oil Risk Manager

Ask for professional advice

An oil risk manager can help you manage your fuel risks more efficiently and help you to reach your business and financial goals.

Dennis Lysemose Andersen

Senior Oil Risk Manager

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