Get more margin and less risk

Keeping energy costs within a predictable range protects you from unexpected changes in the price of energy. Changes that could otherwise seriously impact your budget and profit margin.

Hedging your energy risk exposure

Energy price hedging or energy risk management - is what we do - it is part of our DNA

Hedging energy prices reduces or eliminates a company's exposure to fluctuating energy costs. It is a contractual tool allowing a company to fix or cap a energy price at a certain level and period of time.

What is energy hedging and why use it?

If your company is exposed to energy price fluctuation, energy hedging is a tool that can help you to eliminate the risk of your energy budget getting out of control. Here are a few reasons why to hedge:

  • Energy prices fluctuate - the energy market is extremely volatile
  • Energy expenses represent a large fraction of the operational costs
  • Insurance against price fluctuations
  • Pro-active strategy for budget protection

How to get started on energy hedging?

You and one of our Energy Risk Managers work out a hedging strategy and evaluate which hedging tools could be of advantage to you - we customise the tools to fit your specific need.

The benefits of energy hedging

An Energy Risk Manager can help you manage your fuel risks more efficiently and help you to reach your business and financial goals.

Preparation of a customised energy risk plan

Following a comprehensive analysis of your current situation, a energy risk manager can help you to prepare a plan outlining strategies for managing your energy needs more effectively.

In ensuring your energy risk plan is tailored to suit your needs, your energy risk manager should take into account your business circumstances, including your understanding and acceptance of risk, and your desired timeframes for reaching your financial goals.

Clear financial benefits

With a structured plan and clear goals in mind, hedging against energy price risk can have a significantly positive effect on your business.

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