Fast and independent

Energy price risk management is our core competence - it is what we do.

We are fully independent of the big banks and the big energy majors. In fact, we offer a fast, customer-focused alternative to both.

Working with Global Risk Management

For us, it is not sufficient to offer hedging tools to our clients - we add extensive service, profound market knowledge and constant focus on how to optimise your business.

Our suite of knowledge sharing services will help you keep up with the latest market information with a minimal time investment. Key words in our cooperation are quality, knowledge and a continued dialogue about the market and how to optimise your risk policies.

Working with Global Risk Management gives you the advantages of our fully integrated IT services as well as our research reports.

In ensuring your fuel risk plan is tailored to suit your needs, your fuel risk manager should take into account your business circumstances -- including your understanding and acceptance of risk, and your desired timeframes for reaching your financial goals.

We are part of the United Shipping and Trading Company (USTC)

USTC is a significant owner of tankers and is actively engaged in the worldwide supply of fuel to the shipping market.

Financial strength

Employing over 1,761 people, USTC had an annual turnover exceeding $11 billion last year, and equity of more than $392 million. USTC is one of Denmark’s largest companies.

Access to deep knowledge

Being part of USTC gives us easy access to specialists with broad backgrounds and knowledge in transportation, logistics, fuel supply and finance.

A flat, flexible structure for fast forward thinking

Global Risk Management has a flat, flexible structure that accelerates decision-making and encourages rapid knowledge exchange across our Group.

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