Turning volatility into security

Efficient risk management strategies protect your budget and profit margin, turning volatility into security.

Proactive energy risk management can help stabilise along your supply chain - a potentially deciding factor between failure and success.

Strategic partnership

If the only things we provided were hedging solutions for energy price risk management, we would be no different from our competitors. But we are different, and uniquely so for 3 reasons:

We provide customised hedging solutions, each one geared solely towards the needs of one individual customer — because no two Global customers are the same.

Our set of knowledge sharing services help customers carve out opportunities from energy market volatility.

And because we maintain 100% customer focus at all times, we are unique in our attitude. By being open and responsive, we earn the raw stuff upon which our business is based — we earn our customers’ trust.

Fast and independent

Energy price risk management is our core competence - it is what we do. We are fully independent of the big banks and the big energy majors. In fact, we offer a fast, customer-focused alternative to both.

We are fast

  • Fast on-demand price indications
  • One knowledgeable client contact person with access to all resources
  • A collaborative approach for quicker solutions
  • Rapid response to constantly changing market conditions and client needs

We are independent

We are unlike the big financial institutions. Our priority is not the sale of standardised products - but customised hedging solutions. We are unlike the energy majors. We are not interested in tying you to a particuar product range at particular locations.

We have time for you

We have time for today's small and medium-sized fuel-propelled businesses because we think forward. We like to think that with our help, small enterprises can become big players.

Your link to the markets

Focus on your core business while our oil market specialists monitor the market for you. We are wired-up and fine-tuned to the world's major energy markets. Our state-of-the-art access to market information helps you optimise your hedging strategy and protect your cash flow.

What you get

  • Advice on when to secure energy prices
  • Customised analysis on specific products, and
  • Opinions, forecasts and commentaries on where energy prices are currently trading

Our market reporting capabilities provide general and specialised oil market analyses, inventory situation reports, and price forecasting for a wide range of products.

You save time

Keep up with the latest market information with a minimal time investment.

  • Shorten the time between market changes and your awareness of them
  • Focus on decision making rather than information gathering
  • Develop strategies that enable you to quickly react to market changes

Expertise you can trust

Make sense of complex energy risk management issues with energy risk experts. Our fuel risk experts know how to make risk managment easier to understand, and our sevices help you grasp the essentials rapidly. We develop risk management strategies that meet your specific objectives. You stay in touch with the latest market information with a minimal time investment.

Our services allow you to:

  • Think beyond the day-to-day flow of fuel and plan for your long-term needs
  • Design a energy risk plan that fits your tolerance for risk
  • Stabilise the impact of energy prices on your earnings
  • Maximise cost effectiveness

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