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Why join us

Managing risk is challenging and rewarding. If you have the analytical skills and a can-do attitude, a great career awaits you.

GRM is working towards being the global energy risk manager of choice, providing access to all energy markets and promoting cleaner energy use through developing risk management solutions to help support those markets.


You will be developing your career within an ambitious and professional team, with great opportunities for gaining new skills.

We encourage professional development and welcome new ideas


You will become part of a global team where we are committed to each other’s well-being.

Our culture is one of trust and respect. Our working environment is both challenging and rewarding.


Working at A/S Global Risk Management Ltd. Fondsmæglerselskab means that you will help companies all over the world manage their energy price exposures.

The arrival of more environmentally sensitive energy will make your job even more important

Seeking unique individuals

We are an ideal employer for those wishing to work in stimulating, challenging and collaborative environment that believes in diversity of people and thought and welcomes all equally.

Developing your talent

Our success as a company depends on your success. We provide the tools to advance your career and give you access to the relevant programmes for you. 

“The values of the family who owns the USTC Group guide us in everything we do. They expect us to hold ourselves to the highest creative, intellectual, and ethical standards.”

Peder D. Møller


“I’ve always believed trading is a people’s game, and to make the right deal is often a matter of the
right network, trust, and relations building.” 

Martin Vorgod


“Because we are part of a global shipping group, we have real expertise in all aspects of energy risk management for the global fleet.”

Jacob Nørgaard


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Who we are

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