Board of Directors

The GRM FS Board of Directors defines the general principles for the company, assesses strategic risks and opportunities, and appoints the Executive Board.

The chairman and the three board members draw on their executive management experience from Danish and international companies within the financial sector and markets. They are familiar with the industry and with commodity trading.

Board of Directors
Chairman of the board
Kenneth Steengaard

Kenneth Steengaard joined the Board in 2020 and has served as Chairman since January 2021. Kenneth has several years of experience in the field of finance and hedging.

Board of Directors
Board Member
Jacob Bro Eriksen

Jacob Bro Eriksen joined the Board at its formation in 2017. Jacob has worked in investment firms for over 30 years, both in management positions and as a Board Member.

Board of Directors
Board Member
Michael Krabbe

Michael Krabbe is Chief Financial Officer in GRM’s parent company, Bunker Holding A/S. He joined the GRM board in 2019.

Board of Directors
Board Member
Kaj Damgaard

Kaj Damgaard joined the Board at its formation in 2017. Kaj has worked with board services in the financial business for many years, and he has been a long-serving manager in Danish banks.


GRM’s vision is to become the preferred global energy risk manager, and it has launched a new strategy to reach this goal.

The company’s focus remains providing clients with optimal energy price risk management and developing the best financial hedging programs available.

Building on these core competencies, the new strategic initiatives are designed to drive growth and agility, geographical expansion, the promotion of cleaner energy, and the development of flexible customer solutions.

As GRM prepares to expand its presence, one of the first steps is to establish new offices in the Middle East and the Americas. Another initiative is to intensify collaboration with parent company Bunker Holding in providing clients with expert insights into new and alternative energy sources.

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